Monday, August 25, 2008

Mislead By Magazine Muscle Programs

Have you noticed that every bodybuilding magazine claims they have the answers. The best muscle building program for you to gain weight and muscle overnight. But in fact, it is their job to keep the real answers from you. Follow their advice to gain weight, build muscle and increase strength, and you're guaranteed only one thing. 6 months from today, you will look just like you do now! And you'll be totally frustrated, let down, and ready to give up.

The truth will not build muscle by following the ads and articles written, but you will create muscular losses – fast. And you will become weaker! Think about it for a moment...Can you honestly say that your strength has increased incrementally over the years? Almost every single one of the training schedules in muscle magazines is outright hogwash, and remotely damaging. The authors fail to discuss two of the most critical components in exercise – one is good and one is bad:

"Intensity of effort", is good - Anything that greatly increases the intensity of exercise will greatly improve it. "Amount of exercise" is bad – It is the amount of exercise that exhausts your recovery ability and makes growth impossible. It can even create a loss in your hard earned muscle size and strength.

Let me talk to you about Brian, from Canada. Over the course of 8 months Brian has packed on over 30 pounds of pure, clean muscle mass! He's now rock-solid, ripped & 200 pounds, adding over 16 inches to his entire frame. He was thrilled with his progress after a couple months. But had no idea that was only the beginning of his dramatic change!! The program he took part in is now available to the rest of us. And I can't wait to hear the next success story from one of our readers!

Insane Muscle Gain Success Stories

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